Nudist Beach, Nudist Swimming Pool, Nudist Hotel – or All Three?

We naturists come in an amazing range of 'shapes and sizes’ and I suppose that the same can clearly be said for what we want on our naturist holidays! Some want to relax and sunbathe by a nudist beach with that wonderful 'sea breeze; some of us want the 'sophistication’ of a gently heated, clean swimming pool, and some of us – given the opportunity – would like both! Well fellow nudists, I have found just the place for all of us!

Of the many nudist holidays I have spent around the globe, I personally have found nowhere more enjoyable and delightful than the nudist resort of Vritomartis on the beautiful island of Crete. It is situated in a remote, private but accessible part of the South Coast near the village of Chora Sfakion, this region being one of the most spectacular and unspoilt coastal areas of Crete. Not only does it have a beautiful nudist swimming pool, it also has its own nudist beach.

Nudist beaches come in many forms – beautiful white sand, pebble covered, rocky, or a combination of all three. The island of Crete is formed of volcanic rock and therefore beaches tend to be predominantly rocky. The nudist beach at Vritomartis is a combination of sand and rock.

The Vritomartis nudist beach is a pleasant 10 minute walk from the main complex, or there is a regular free of charge minibus service for those less energetic. (A walk there and the bus back always seemed to be the right combination for me!)

I have been on many nudist beaches around the world, and whilst the remoteness of many gives the privacy you want, the associated lack of facilities is a major negative. The Vritomartis nudist beach whilst being remote and private is, as I have already indicated, is easily accessible, but also has excellent facilities.

In addition to sunloungers that are provided by Vritomartis, there is an excellent beach bar. Here you can obtain a range of simple, freshly-prepared salads and cooked meals, together with soft drinks, wine and beer. The service is excellent and the prices are reasonable. There is also a shower facility and toilets that are regularly cleaned throughout the day. This nudist beach is definitely a cut – above many others in the world of naturism.

So for those of you who prefer to take your pleasure 'au naturel’ by the side of the sea, breathing in that wonderful ozone, and allowing the cool breezes to refresh you as you absorb the hot – sometimes very hot! – sun, I am happy to give the strongest recommendation to you for the nudist beach at Vritomartis.

For more detailed information and to experience a truly memorable nudist holiday for yourself, browse our website.

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